U.S. Armor Celebrates Employees Of The Quarter (Apr 2014)

U.S. Armor recently recognized three of its outstanding employees and names them the Most Valuable Employees of the Quarter for 1st Quarter 2014. The Employee Recognition program was created as an award system that acknowledges and rewards employees for excelling in Dependability, Flexibility, Going The Extra Mile, Passion, Customer/ Peer Recognition and Integrity.
The three employees that were recognized for 1st quarter 2014 were Nicci Espinosa, Lorraine Pacheco and Maria Robles. President Stephen E. Armellino made the presentation of these valued awards on April 28, 2014 alongside Jana Armellino (COO) and Consuelo Serrano (Production Supervisor). Employees like these are the reason why U.S. Armor continues to deliver the exceptional customer service and high quality ballistic products that we do. Quality, Comfort and Employee Longevity is why we continue to be “The Most Trusted Name in Body Armor”!


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